Cut to Length Lines
With separate straightener and continuous infeed without stoppages, loop control for the infeed unit complete with crosswise shear.

Leveling and Cutting Lines
The operational mode can be the follow:

  • "Feeder" type with separate leveler and continuous infeed without stoppage, down loop control without pit and the infeed unit complete with lengthwise unit and crosswise shear.
  • "Flying Cutting" type with continuous infeed leveller and crosswise cutting unit with movable mechanical guillotine shear for flying crosswise cutting.
Lengthwise Cutting Lines
Lengthwise cutting unit with blade assembly system, rubber rings and spacers. Min. strip width of 10 mm.

From economical hybrid machines to advanced processing centers with integrated load/unload capabilities and full storage and retrieval units, LVD laser systems provide fast processing of high-quality laser cut parts. All LVD lasers feature an integrated G E-Fanuc laser source, CNC control, AC digital motors and amplifiers to provide a high degree of reliability, and full control over the cutting process.