Company Profile  


LVD is a privately owned company, the founders for which the company is named (L) Lefebvre, (V) Vanneste, (D) Dewulf.

In 1952 LVD started business in a modest way, producing hydraulic presses. Barely forty years later, the company is recognised worldwide as a leading producer of sheet metal working machinery.

LVD employ approximately 1000 people worldwide, and currently manufactures and ships around 8-10 machines every day. There are approximately 25,000 customer receiving a return on their investment in LVD machines.

LVD group is one of the world major manufacturers of hydraulic press brakes, shears, turret punch presses, lasers and press. Job Shop or production plant, small or large facility, all face an ever-increasing demand for productivity, quality, accuracy, versatility and economy in their fabricating requirements. The LVD hydraulic shear and press brake was developed to satisfy these critical demands.

This is only the beginning. Once an order is placed with LVD, it goes through our order processing methods, with each individual order having 100% attention and through care.

Our product quality is backed by individual part and component inspection prior to final assembly and testing. After completion the finishing "touches" are given close attention, assuring the customer of receiving one of the highest quality products in the field today.

These features and capabilities are some of the reasons why LVD has grown to be one of the world's largest manufacturers of those types of machines.