LVD Laser Systems  

A compact, economical hybrid-style laser systems.
Orion Plus L/U
Feature enhanced Orion Series with compact autoload/unload.
Sirius Series
Sirius CT
(Compact Material Storage)
Axel S
A high-speed flying optics laser system with integrated shuttle table and optional linear drive.
Axel L with Tower
Fully integrated linear drive laser system featuring loading, unloading and optional storage retrieval unit.
Impuls Series
A range of high productivity lasers designed for processing large plates, formed profiles or channels, pre-formed parts and tubes.
Available in table sizes up to 3mx12m with cutting capacity up to 6 kW.

Laser Systems

From economical hybrid machines to advanced processing centers with integrated load/unload capabilities and full storage and retrieval units, LVD laser systems provide fast processing of high-quality laser cut parts. All LVD lasers feature an integrated G E-Fanuc laser source, CNC control, AC digital motors and amplifiers to provide a high degree of reliability, and full control over the cutting process.